Outdoor kid magazine review

Outdoor kid magazine review

As seen in the August issue of Outdoor Kid Magazine.

Kiwi dads Dan and Tom have designed a front MTB seat which allows kids to get among the action while you are out on the trails.  Read on to learn more about the seat, and to see how Finn and I found it.

Outdoor Kid August 2018

Where did the idea for the Shotgun seat come from?

We created the shotgun seat because we wanted to get outdoors with our kids, but the traditional rear mounted seats didn’t work with our full suspension mountain bikes. We also wanted something we could easily attach and remove from our bikes, and we couldn’t find anything we were happy with – so we created something for ourselves, and then other people started asking for one!

What types of trails would the seat be suitable for?

The shotgun seat is designed for gentle, grade 1 and 2 trails. These are the family or beginner trails that you’d find at most mountain biking areas. With that said, we have some more confident riders who have done some grade 3 trails – but it’s really about getting outdoors together, not about blasting down hills and doing big jumps.

What are the benefits of riding with your child up front?

The great thing about having your kid upfront is that they can see where they’re going, and they don’t have to look at your sweaty back. Also, the weight of your bike is more balanced, and you can talk to each other as you ride along the trails. Simple things like wearing a back pack are also easier when your child is in front of you.

Outdoor Kid Review: The Finn Test

Finn is used to being strapped into a bike seat, so I was interested to see he would go supporting himself with the Shotgun seat. It felt more secure than I expected with him tucked in between my arms and it was easy to chat. Also, being so close I could gauge how he was going. He loved it! He was up close to the action and it was a pretty exciting adventure from him.

I'd recommend getting the handlebar accessory for smaller kids, as Finn was having to reach too far forward. He has just turned 2 so is on the younger side for the seat recommendations, but could still place his feet securely on the foot pegs. Put some time aside for setting up the seat and bars to get them positioned right. Slightly fiddly but the seat felt rock-solid once installed. Great instructions and tools are provided. Finn and I are looking forward to summer and getting among the trails in Rotorua 👍

Special thanks to Outdoor Kid Magazine for the review. 

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