Limited Warranty

This warranty statement applies to all products sold by Kids Ride Shotgun Limited, and should be read in conjunction with any written instructions, guidelines, manuals and/or safety text supplied by Kids Ride Shotgun Limited in relation to the relevant product.

Kids Ride Shotgun warrants to the original retail purchaser that the products shall be free, under normal use and maintenance, from any defects in material or workmanship for the warranty periods set out below, subject to the qualifications, exclusions, conditions and limitations set out in this warranty statement. 

Where warranty conditions are met, Kids Ride Shotgun reserves the right to:

- Send a replacement part 
- Replace the entire item if the damage or defect cannot be repaired
- Offer a similar product of comparable value, or refund the price paid, if we cannot replace with the same model

Warranty Periods:

The warranty periods specified below apply from the date of purchase of the original owner and are non-transferable. Warranty claims should be made at the location where the purchase occurred i.e physical retail store or website. All claims will require proof of purchase. 

Dirt Hero Offroad Balance Bike:

- Frame & Fork: 5 years

- Parts & Components: 12 Months  

- 3rd Party Brands: In the event of a warranty claim on third party products (e.g. Magura Disc Brake), the terms of those brands come into effect. Claims need to be taken up at the original point of purchase. If you purchased your product in a retail store, they can co-ordinate this return on your behalf. If you purchased online, our team will act as a intermediary between the original owner and technical service of the brand. If you need assistance contact our team at

- Tires, tubes are specifically excluded from the warranty statement. 

Shotgun Kids MTB Seats: 

- Frame/ rail mounting system: 12 months
- Parts & Components: 12 months  

Shotgun Kids MTB Handlebars: 

- Frame/ rail mounting system: 12 months
- Parts & Components: 12 months  

General Exclusions

This warranty does not cover defects or damage resulting from conditions beyond our control. These include, but are not limited to damages and/or defects resulting from,

- Typical wear and tear (for example brakes, tires and tubes, surface issues, faulty zipper tape, damaged buckles, coating peeling off and/or discoloration of fabrics;

- Products being used other than in accordance with their intended use or the use instructions / parameters set out in Kids Ride Shotguns written instructions, guidelines, manuals and/or safety text;

- Products being misused, overloaded, stored outside, involved in an accident, or otherwise deemed neglected or abused;

- Products being used for competition including but not limited to racing or trials;

- Products being used for rental purposes or any commercial application other than those for which the product is intended and which have been specifically approved by Kids Ride Shotgun Limited;

- Products being improperly assembled, mounted, or where unauthorised repairs have been made.

- Products being altered or modified in any way from the manufacturer’s specifications;

- Damage to the user’s bike, electronic devices, cargo, or to any other person or property;

Maximum Liability:

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Kids Ride Shotgun's maximum liability in contract, tort, equity, statute, regulation or otherwise for any loss, damage, or injury directly or indirectly resulting from any defect in, or non-compliance of, or use of, the product will not in aggregate exceed the price for the product that caused the loss, damage or injury.

Pre-owned/ Out of Warranty

While your product is no longer covered under warranty, our products are built to last and in many cases its a simple replacement part or new component which we keep stock of that could bring your product back to usable condition.

Spare Parts

You may locate the Spare Parts page by clicking here. Alternatively, you may contact our friendly support team to see if we can help with sourcing a replacement part purchase link at:



Commitment to quality: Shotgun pro front clamp

Affected product: Shotgun Pro seat, manufactured between May and December 2021. Batch numbers SU-001 & SU-002 (batch number located on underside of the Pro seat rail). 

Dear MTB parent,  

We’ve recently seen some conversations online from Shotgun Pro seat users who’ve experienced the front clamp on their seat break. 

Unfortunately the occasional broken part is to be expected when producing products, and although the failure rate on this part is well beneath our levels for concern - we wanted to publicly address this to help provide confidence for anyone with worries over the safety of their seat. 

When we first noticed a small number of these parts breaking we started our own internal investigations, and then engaged a third-party assessment to quantify any risks posed if the part failed. The results confirmed there’s an extremely low probability of accident in the rare event that the front clamp fails during use, as the clamp should not detach from the headset of the bike.

Peace of mind when riding with your little one is really important to us – and we’re confident in assuring you that if you have a seat from the batch numbers mentioned, you should have no concerns about continuing to ride as normal.

Additionally, due to our focus on continually improving our products - all Pro seats produced after 2021 (batch SU-003 onwards) feature an updated front clamp part, and we've seen no issues to date. 

If you do experience a problem with your Pro seat front clamp, please contact our customer service team and we’ll aim to replace your part free of charge as soon as possible. 

Thanks and happy riding. 

The Kids Ride Shotgun team