The Shotgun 2.0 seat fits most modern analogue mountain bikes – including bikes with steep, sloping or tapered top tubes. It’s even suitable for carbon frames.

Will the Shotgun 2.0 seat fit my bike?

The Shotgun 2.0 seat fits most modern mountain bikes – including bikes with steep, sloping or tapered top tubes. It's even suitable for carbon frames.

Long story short, we're yet to find a mountain bike the shotgun 2.0 seat won't fit – with the only exceptions being listed below:

The Shotgun 2.0 seat will not fit:

- Electric bikes (check out the Shotgun Pro seat if you're riding an electric bike)

- Road or gravel bikes (due to the lack of clearance between the front wheel and down tube)

- Cruiser or step-through bikes (due to the lack of clearance between the front wheel and down tube)

- Bikes with a single frame tube

- Some older bikes where the gear or brake cable runs along the top of the top tube (however cables that run elsewhere on the bike are fine)

Shotgun seat measurements

The Shotgun 2.0 seat has a range of adjustment to fit top tubes from 30 – 68mm wide, and down tubes from 30 – 100mm wide. We have not found any analogue mountain bikes that are outside of these specifications.

The Shotgun seat fits over the top of your top tube, and secures underneath your bottom tube. The max distance between the top tube and bottom tube of your bike where the shotgun seat mounts can not exceed 195mm if using the top axle position, or 230mm if using the lower axle position.


Are you sure the Shotgun 2.0 seat won't fit my e-mtb?

The shotgun seat doesn't fit e-mtb's because of the variance between the top tube and the down tube being too great. We have had a handful of customers who have modified their shotgun seat to fit their e-mtb, but that's not something we can recommend.

Can I use the Shotgun 2.0 seat on my carbon frame?

Yes, we have thousands of customers around the world using the shotgun seat on high-end carbon mountain bikes. The clamping force of the shotgun seat is minimal thanks to the load being shared across 5 points of contact, with each point having moulded rubber frame protection.

Will the Shotgun 2.0 seat damage or scratch my bike?

The shotgun seat contacts the frame in 5 places, with each one of these locations has full rubber-moulded frame protection. Sharing the load across these locations helps to minimise the clamping force required, and the rubber protection means your frame is safe from damage or scratching.


This video is a helpful guide for setting up the shotgun 2.0 seat, which may help clarify some of the above points.

Have an installation question?

If you have a question about the installation or suitability of the shotgun seat for your bike, please contact our customer care team. Alternatively, you could ask our knowledgeable & helpful community of MTB parents over in our Kids Ride Shotgun Facebook group.