Shotgun MTB Tow Rope – Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you’ll find more information, and frequently asked questions about the shotgun MTB tow rope.

Note: The information on this page doesn't replace the safety info included with the product itself, which you must read before use. 

What age / weight is the tow rope suitable for?

Our tow rope is designed for kids, but it’s suitable for adults too – and it’s rated to a maximum load of 500lb / 225kg.

For kids, we’ve found that the tow rope works best once they’re confidently riding a pedal bike themselves, usually this is once they are riding a 16" or 20" wheel bike. 

This looks similar to other tow ropes on the market, what’s different?

There are plenty of MTB tow rope options on the market, and they all range in price and also quality. Heck, some people just use a standard rope, or even an old bicycle inner tube!

But of the designed-for-purpose MTB tow ropes available, most are either elastic or retractable. We’ve gone with an elastic option, and our rope is different construction to any other MTB tow ropes on the market – because it has a multi-strand embedded elastic core.

Having a ‘multi-strand embedded elastic core’ basically means that our rope is stitched together on the inside, which makes it super strong. That’s also why our rope has a uniform appearance, unlike other elastic tow ropes which have a scrunched up look.

Here's what our tow rope looks like on the inside:

Shotgun MTB Tow Rope Multi Strand Embedded Elastic Core

Why do kids need a tow rope for mountain biking, shouldn’t they just ride themselves?

Our mission is to help raise the next generation of mountain bikers. For us, that means getting more kids (and families) onto the trails. If your kid doesn’t mind riding uphill, and you don’t need a tow rope, then that’s cool with us! But if you’d like to tackle bigger adventures, together or ride further than little legs than handle, then that’s where our tow rope comes in.

If you still have a question about our tow rope, please contact us